Histories of our trademark Vivaldi Paris

The creator, Mr Serge BRICOUT has spent 30 years of experience in the world of health and beauty by creating concepts and brands sold such as: USHUAIA at L’ORÉAL, BIOMEDIC at L’OREAL, PHARMYL at Synthélabo HYDRIS at LANCÔME, NICOLUNCH at Pierre FABRE, FRENCH TOUCH at L’OREAL etc. He also created several other brands and participated in the marketing development and organization of distribution: BIOMEDIC with fresh algae extracts for GOÉMAR sea laboratories JISET “anti-aging drink“ for Japanese laboratories SANKYO SUPERTED for Booker Nutritional Products-FEROSAN SYNERGYL for SEARLE VITARMONYL laboratories for Yves PONROY AAA laboratories Apple anti age & Apple cosmetic “range of care for apple polyphenols” sold at Calice TMEA : the most expensive anti-aging in the world sold to RS PHARMA, DAY’O nomadic deodorant for SEPHORA CLAIRE DE PARIS Ethnic range for SBPI… and VIVALDI PARIS, (ga even of perfumes) sold to Mr K. Sylvain SASSE

The VIVALDI PARIS perfumes brand was launched in April 2012 at two trade fairs (Dubai, Istanbul and Bologna) Marketed in 33 countries, more than 1,300,000 pieces sold between 2013 and 2017.

Our field of action: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The new owner

The new owner Mr K. Sylvain SASSE was an ex Chief Executive Officier of the SASSEUNITED-GROUPE specialized in the distribution of cosmetic products, perfumes, dietary foods and medicines in Africa and in the countries of the Middle East. It was his company which had the exclusive distribution of Vivaldi Paris perfumes in Africa from 2012, then owned by Mr Serge BRICOUT.
Mr BRICOUT sold in February 2014 the Trademark Vivaldi Paris. The new owner SASSE K. Sylvain created and managed SASSE’S CORPORATION

The creation juices of “Eau de parfum” – Reformulation of the names of the references

The new owner reworked in 2015 with the experts, the juices of each reference which were at the origin the “Eaux de toilette”, by opting for the “Eau de parfum” with a concentration of the juice 15%. The final selection of the perfume is based on four major fragrances:

  • L’Hiver de Vivaldi : Woody and oriental notes: a subtle blend of cedar, amber, musk, wood, oakmoss, lily amber, jasmine-rose, pineapple, apple. Its scent can be found in the perfume of Hermes “Earth”. Men’s fragrance
  • L’Automne de Vivaldi : Notes: Woody-Spicy a subtle blend of mint, peppery, tangerine, grapefruit cinnamon, absolute rose, patchouli spices, amber, white wood, leather, blond. Its scent is from the same olfactory family as PACO RABANNE 1 million men. Men’s fragrance
  • Le Printemps de Vivaldi : Notes: Floral: a subtle blend of blackcurrant, Mayflower, almond, rose, Bulgarian, vanilla, opoponax, musk, white, amber. . Its scent is from the same olfactory family as KENZO Flower. Women’s perfume
  • L’Eté de Vivaldi : Notes: Floral: a subtle blend of pear, blackcurrant, aldehydes, orange blossom, jasmine, iris, vanilla, praline, patchouli, feve, tonka. Its scent is from the same olfactory family as Lancôme LA VIE EST BELLE. Women’s Perfume

VIVALDI PARIS is a member of the French Federation of Perfumery.

Our products are made in France.

Vivaldi Paris has developed top of the edge perfume lines(medium), highly innovative. The four major fragrances are unique and designed exclusively for Vivaldi Paris. Through their formulation, they combine scientific knowledge with natural active ingredients selected combination highly requested by consumers.They reformulated the designation of references. Spring has become Vivaldi’s Spring, Autumn has become Vivaldi’s Autumn, Winter has become, Vivaldi’s Winter and Summer and has become Vivaldi’s Summer.

SASSE’S CORPORATION PARIS SAS located at 20 rue Bis Louis Philippe 92200 Neuilly sur Seine (France) is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the brand.

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