Le Printemps de Vivaldi

When spring comes up, it is the awakening of our senses that our benchmark accompanies with a fresh, floral and airy fragrance.

l’Hiver de Vivaldi

Make way for fullness and tranquility thanks to warm, enveloping oriental-musky notes.

L’été de Vivaldi

When the sun is at its zenith and the energies are at their peak, it will exhale its most fruity and greedy accords

L’Automne de Vivaldi

Finally, it's the perfect alchemy of fresh, fruity, woody, musky and floral scents when it's time to savor the harvested fruit and gently let the sun go away.

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Manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics, SAS make up etc ...

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20 Bis rue Louis Philippe 92200 Neuilly sur Seine(France)

Tél&Fax (33)170248864

Courriel : contact@vivaldi-paris.com brand-vivaldi@sasses-corporation-paris.com

Create your perfume with imagination

VIVALDI PARIS will be your source of proposals


Standard, or made to measure, bottles, cardboard boxes, wedges, pumps, decorations, boxes etc … We work together to make your product attractive and unique


VIVALDI PARIS thanks to its perfumer, works on the most attractive notes and stays informed of world trends


VIVALDI PARIS, thanks to its integrated regulatory service, will be able to suggest the design of your mandatory regulatory dossier
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